Abram Short Story

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Guiding his friend Abram forward into the large marble bathroom the conversation continued. Encouraging his friend, feeding insight of a new beginning, stabilizing his life with self-discipline, while taking his place on the marble bench. Although the one-sided conversation grew, the wish for Abram to shave went unanswered. Lecturing his friend to face the facts of life, earnestly inquired, ‘What’s your problem Abram? Killing yourself over this woman is not the solution! You lost a tremendous amount of weight, it's been over a month bro! Taking you out in this condition would be useless, you freaking psycho! We are eating in, I will order Chinese takeout. I don’t get it, what the hell are you doing to yourself? Abram, even with soap and water, …show more content…
Conversations good and sad left a bit of encouragement for Abram to ponder. Emerging throughout the evening are secrets of the past, opening the closet of skeletons, Michael memorized Abram through the entire confession, fooling all that knows him. The fact he had no parents was a lie; they were in Puerto Rico living a good life, growing up life was barren, joining a gang to enhance the need of being needed, soon after his only brother killed. The worst part of his life was prostituting himself, a bisexual, he was beaten up a few times, ending up in the hospital. His family moved to New York, where they were struggling to eat, let alone keep a roof over their heads. Settling back into crime he broke into homes, stealing anything and everything that could be re-sold. One home belonged to an old man, taking a large sum of money, not knowing this money was retirement, the old man worked for years saving every dime. It was on the news, and Michael felt guilt, and vowed to give the money back, but not before he finished school. Enrolling in adult education, needing enough credits to graduate, he had taken another class in math and found out what an amazing brain he possessed, in addition, this developed a life changing event, thus turning his world into a goldmine, in conclusion, aimed his vision towards the stock market. Then his parents desired to move back to their country of origin, taking charge of them, and they were happy with a sizeable monthly income Michael sent to them every month. To be liberal, wealthy, and happy was the seed to create a fresh identity, nourishing his mathematical mind, success was reached beyond his expectations, accepted and not judged was a dream come true. He bought this retired poor man he robbed

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