Abrahamic Traditions In The Biblical Passage From The Hebrew Bible

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Judaism is regarded as the mother of the two Abrahamic traditions that are Christianity and Islam. The traditional belief is centered on an all-powerful God. God is described as neither having a beginning or ending and being eternal in nature. There is the belief that ultimately God foreordains all activities in the universe. However, humans have been given special privileges in decision making. In Judaism there is immense respect for nature, which is evident in the biblical passage from the Hebrew Bible:
“When the Holy One, blessed be He, created the first man, He took him and led him ’round all the trees of the Garden of Eden, and said to him: ‘Behold my works, how fair and lovely they are. All that I have created; I created for
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On the day of Sabbath, the day of the week earmarked for relaxation, it is required to let the animals out into the field to graze and relax as well, signifying the importance of animal’s well-being. In Judaism it is advised to take the young and spare the mother so she can continue to reproduce to sustain her species. Cruelties towards animals as well as killing in excess are forbidden. For example, Jews are prohibited from muzzling animals such that it prevents intaking food as well as using excessive restraint. It goes to the extent of forbidding humans to eat anything unless their beast has eaten. Shehitah is the protocol that Jews must adhere to when slaughtering animals. The procedure involves severing of blood supply to brain using a sharp knife to bring about instantaneous death; thereby reducing pain and suffering of the animal. The rabbinical tradition also personifies animals by assigning human qualities like “modesty of a cat”, and “Chasity of the dove” and advises followers to emulate these characteristics. …show more content…
Muslims believe that God manifest Himself in the greatness of the universe and directs His creation to observe nature as a means of strengthening one’s faith in the Unseen. More so, those that are devoid of spirituality overlook the mind boggling beauty of the universe; they ignore the presence of the Divine, in the cycles of day and night, the flight of a bird, the ripening of fruits, the movement of ships on the water, and the pouring of rain from the sky. The scripture also depicts all of God’s creatures as individual beings with their own life that should be respected, as they too are among God’s worshippers. According to the Quran, “Whatever is in the heavens and the earth sings the praises of God.” Qur’an 59:114
Ecological importance in Islam is apparent in the Hadith, in which according to the Prophet Muhammad, if any living creature benefits from another’s vegetation either as food or shade, he will be rewarded by God.15 Hence excessive deforestations without valid reason is forbidden because it affects many inhabitants of the ecosystem. Muslims are instructed to avoid goods that come at the cost of destruction of the environment or at least minimize the use

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