Abraham Maslow 's Influence On Mental And Social Needs Essay

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Abraham Maslow claimed that humans have a variety of needs ranging from basic survival to psychological and social needs. Pi goes through most, if not all of these stages. Pi goes through physiological needs which are basic needs, like hunger and thirst. On the raft, Pi has to find food and water to survive. Safety need is also used by Pi to create a shelter and establish territory in the raft. The need to be accepted, to be loved occur at the beginning of the book when pi decides to change his name from Piscine to Pi to fit in and keep his classmates from making fun of him and calling him “Pissing Patel”. Pi also experiences esteem needs which are achievement, competency, and recognition of abilities and worth at the beginning of the book as he recalls the different awards he got during college. This is to show how hard he worked to accomplish what he now after his traumatic. In my opinion, one of the biggest self-fulfilment or actualization that Pi achieved was being able to pursue a religious interest. Having to the ability find different religions that calls to him not just the religions he was raised into was a big self-fulfilment for Pi. Pi focuses more on physiological and safety needs when the wreck occurs. He lets go of trying to please others and achieving something. He focuses on psychological need as he need to find food to feed himself and Richard Parker. He also focuses on belonging and love as he writes in his diary and talks to Richard Parker to feel less…

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