Abraham Lincoln's Journey Home Summary

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The book Abraham Lincoln’s Journey Home is about Lincoln’s spirit and determination in creating a nation that is composed of liberty and freedom. It discusses his thoughts, beliefs, and compassion for many including African Americans. He believed every person should have equal opportunity to grow and prosper. Furthermore, Lincoln fought against slavery and led the Civil War against the Confederates. The book goes into depth about the places Lincoln visited throughout his life and the accomplishments he’s done for the country. It describes his life from a young man into becoming the 16th President of the United States. After his assassination, the book describes his funeral procession throughout many states until he finally arrives to his birthplace, …show more content…
I read many things that I did not know before. In my opinion, I thought this book was very informative and helpful in understanding the life of Lincoln. I really liked how the book was formatted. It introduced me a lot about Lincoln’s characteristics and gave me examples in why so many people might regard him as the best president in American History. While reading different passages, I was astonished in how compassionate Lincoln was towards others. In the passage, it states, “Lincoln’s compassion for soldiers condemned to death for desertion, falling asleep at their post, and other minor offenses”(NPS). This shocked me because normally soldiers who abandoned their post would be executed but Lincoln thought otherwise. It showed me that Lincoln was a caring but strong leader simultaneously. I got to understand how Lincoln did not have the greatest childhood but he still managed to grow to the point where he became president. The descriptions of Lincoln’s funeral procession made me realize how much an important figure he actually was in American History. He inspired many people including myself. I believed the author’s central thesis is that Abraham Lincoln was someone worth remembering for his actions in keeping the union together but also spreading his ideas of freedom. He was a person who could bring people together to fight for a cause and keeping the spirit of freedom living on even after his

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