Abraham Lincoln 's Speech On The Rights Of The War 's Desolation ! Bless With Victory And Peace

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“Oh, thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand between their loved home and the war 's desolation! Bless with victory and peace, may the heav ' rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!” After many years of slavery a presidential candidate by the name of Abraham Lincoln runs for top Republican Candidate as he stands against Senator Stephen Douglas. His speech is directed to the working class voters who believe slavery should be regulated nation-wide. Abraham Lincoln gave his candidacy speech in Cooper Union Hall in New York City on February 27, 1860, where he argues against Stephen Douglas making his Cooper Union Address one of his many speeches. He addresses this speech to the general public of the Republican supporter in the northern region of America. Primarily, they argue on the issues of slavery and Congress’ power to regulate or restrict slavery in states. Lincoln proposed for their freedom and supports his ideas of how the four fathers wrote the constitution through amplification. He also uses rhetorical questions which allows audience to comprehend subjects at hand, which keeps the problem at mind during his speech. Lincoln brilliantly applies metaphors to add emphasis which enrich his speech’s material. His use of pathos is minor; however, points out how Democrats perceive the Republican Party. President Lincoln establishes his focus of his speech through amplification. Through-out his speech he repeats “Our fathers, when they…

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