Abraham Lincoln 's Speech On The Cuban Missile Crisis Essay

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Throughout American history, there have been many important speeches made. Most notable speeches are given by the most important man of that time, the president of the United States. Many other speeches tell what was happening during that time period, like scientific discoveries or huge events happening in our country. But many give great examples of America and what the country stands for. The best examples are: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Franklin Roosevelt’s speech on the attacks at Pearl Harbor, Dwight Eisenhower’s farewell address, John Kennedy’s inaugural address, and John Kennedy’s speech on the Cuban Missile Crisis. First, is Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Lincoln was the president from 1861 to 1865 during the Civil War. Lincoln gave his famous speech at the battlefields of Gettysburg almost five months after the battle. The speech itself is only ten sentences long, and Lincoln said his speech in only two minutes. In his speech, Lincoln mostly talks about equality and freedom. He explains that the brave men who gave their lives on the battlefield did it for our nation; they gave their lives so that the United States of America would stay the United States of America. Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is a good representation of America because it explains, at that time, the struggle for freedom and equality. And due to the brave people that gave their lives during the American Civil War, we now have our freedom and equality in the United States. Next is…

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