Abraham Lincoln 's Speech On Slavery And Discrimination Essay example

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Over one hundred and fifty-one years ago, Abraham Lincoln gave a speech to end slavery and discrimination of blacks. Lincoln’s speech may have been the first in an attempt to end slavery and discrimination, but it was not the last in it’s efforts. Slavery as well as discrimination still goes on today and will continue on, while pinpointing these problems and dealing with them will go on in efforts to stop them once and for all. Dealing with these problems will and have already taken time, for it is hard to go about these problems without creating even larger ones along the way. With slavery alone, the numbers have been rising at an alarming rate just within the last decennial and seem to continue on the upward route. Slavery is a crime and also very difficult to solve, when cases are found due to the victim being threatened, beaten and other physical or mental abuse, it becomes a problem when trying to free the victim or victims. No government is going about this crime the perfect way, but many have made huge efforts and attempts to help those who are endangered and end slavery. Slavery is often known today as human trafficking, the illegal movement of people for the uses of forced labor or sexual exploitation. Victims vary from race, color, sex, adults or children. Around two-thirds of the victims are women and young girls. Many cases start out with a false promise of getting a good job, or a better life, only for a victim to end up in debt, bondage, being abused or…

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