Essay about Abraham Lincoln 's Presidential Proposals

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Abraham Lincoln 's presidential proposals caused slave holding states to fear and completely loathe that thought of his potential election into office during his campaigns for the Election of 1860. The most important, as well as most exaggerated, proposal to the slave holding states was his proposal to not administer any more slave states. Every new state entering the union would be a free state where slavery would be illegal (Link 149). However, many slave states thought of this as a threat to the entire existence of slavery. Since the second constitute was written in 1799, which left out the part of the previous constitution that mandated that no law could be made to emancipate slaves, there had been no major threat to the massive practice of the South (Foner 4).With the thought that slavery might become criminal throughout the entire United States and that Northerners were expecting full freedom of the slaves in the South, it is clear why the South feared the election of Abraham Lincoln. Self-hiring would be required to replace the slaves (Link 150) With the cost of hiring citizens to do the strenuous tasks that the slaves were forced to do for free on a wide-spread level, the income of most slaveholders would decrease incredibly. The reduction of income would have had such a gargantuan effect on the citizens in the South that there was a major possibility of a crash in their economy.
Abraham Lincoln’s past proves, however, that he was not completely opposed to slavery…

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