Abraham Lincoln 's House Divided Essay example

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Senate candidate Abraham Lincoln, gave his "House Divided" speech to let the people of America know that being split down the middle based on beliefs on the morality of slavery would not last long, and that eventually the nation would be all one ideal or all other.
This speech was given during one of the most turbulent times in young America’s history. The young country was finally feeling the growing pains of expanding so much in such a short period of time. Issues like slave free states and slave states were issues that were being pushed back from definitively being solved, because of the state and federal governments being focusing on expanding the name of the United States to countries across the Atlantic Ocean.
The speech was also a chance for Abraham Lincoln to differentiate himself with his main competitor in the senate race for Illinois. Stephen Douglass (a law school graduate and prominent businessman) advocated for state sovereignty, which would give the choice of slavery to the states.
The issue dividing the nation was slavery’s place in the growing western territories and the extent of federal power over individual states’ rights. Lincoln’s stance was that only the federal government had the power to end slavery. The people of the south deeply relied on the cheap labor provided by the African American slaves, it was a way of life for the people of the south during this time. The North however opposed slavery on beliefs of right and wrong and deemed slavery as…

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