Abraham Lincoln Was A Great President Essay examples

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Any person would say that Abraham Lincoln was a great president. Not only was A. Lincoln a great person on an individual basis but he owned up to his word and his the change he dreamed about. Although many were dissatisfied, which resulted with him being assassinated. He never backed down even when the secession took place, a war would start and he would defend the confederate and the union. Abraham Lincoln made sure through he conveyed in his oath that he would preserve, protect and defend. Most of us don’t really know much about how slaves were treated, how they advocated for themselves and fought in war. So much is untold, but one thing is certain, is that they should be treated as an equal and our 16th president did just that. Many senators and speakers had relations with their housekeepers that kept their business to themselves despite of speculation they still carried themselves, they acted cordial in which in some case had children with their housekeepers. For example, Thaddeus Stevens, the speaker and Sydia Hamilton Smith, a housekeeper had a relationship that they kept private. This couple worked together to protect slaves that escaped on the infamous “Underground Railroad”. Mr. Stevens always was nice to slaves, despite his sarcasm. The “Underground Railroad”, was an informal network of people who aided the slaves that escaped which in turn offered shelter, a place to hide their food, and directions to the next friendly spot. Suddenly there was a…

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