Abraham Lincoln : The Great Emancipator Essays

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Abraham Lincoln is one of the most famous political figures ever. He has over 16,000 books written about him, but much of what has been written about Lincoln is a myth. Lincoln will always be known as the great emancipator. But to understand the real Lincoln one must realize that during his 28 years in politics before becoming president, he was almost single mindedly devoted to an economic agenda that henry clay labored the American system. Lincoln thought of himself as the hair to the hamiliton political tradition, which sought a much more continued government system. Roy bassler, the editor of lincolns collected works, has written that Lincoln barley ever mentioned the issue before slavery before 1854, and even before the he did not seem sincere. It says those of the overwhelming majority of white northeners, who discriminated against free black slaves so severly that several states, including lincolns home state of Illinois, emended their constitutions to prohibit the emigration of black people into those states. Abraham Lincoln was a master politician. Lincoln is usually though of a great statesman rather than a great politician. Lincoln has gone down in history as the changer of equality. But Lincoln was the opposite. He actually wrote a statement to the senator straughn douglass in a 1858 debate in Ottawa Illinois, talking about his opposition to racial equality. On the topic of emancipation Lincoln said “free them, and make them equals.” He also…

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