Abraham Lincoln: The Death Of Ford's House

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On April 15, 1855, Abraham Lincoln and his wife, Marry Todd, decided that they were going to Ford’s Theater to attend a play. Little did they know that that night would be their last night together. Although the majority of the citizens during Abraham Lincoln’s time thought that he was a respectable man, he was assassinated in a very brutal way. (History.com, 2015) “Whitehouse.gov” stated that Abraham Lincoln was brought into the world on February 12, 1809 to Nancy and Thomas Lincoln. He was born in Hardon Count, Kentucky. Abe was born into a house with dirt floors and no running water. When Abraham was at the age of seven, his family moved from Kentucky to Indiana and when he was ten, his mother and uncle dies suddenly from milk poisoning. Abe’s father soon got remarried to Sarah Johnston. She brought three kids with her. Even after all of these life changing events, Abraham Lincoln grew up to be a very respectable man. (Abrahamlincolnonline.org, 2015) Abraham’s next step in life was to get married. He married Mary Todd at …show more content…
Abraham and his wife, Mary Todd was sitting in the presidential box at Ford’s Theater watching a comedy play named, “Our American Cousin”. Although this lovely couple was having a great time, they did not know that everything would change in a blink of an eye. It was just past 10:00 pm, John Wilkes Booth headed up the stairs towards the presidential box. The security guard protecting that room, names Henry Rathbone, was stabbed by Booth. Then Booth entered and shot Lincoln with a .44 caliber gun in the back if the head. The bullet entered through his left ear and was stuck behind his right eye. Lincoln was paralyzed immediately. Then, Booth jumped off of the balcony and broke his leg, but he still managed to get out and away from the people chasing him. The wounded president was carried to Peterson’s Boarding House, where he died the next morning at 7:22 am. The town was enraged. (History.com,

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