Abraham Lincoln Biography

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Abraham Lincoln
He was a small town boy born in what was considered a slave state at the time. Abraham Lincoln was a man of many talents, from engineer to politician, from living in Kentucky to Illinois, he was able to see things from many different angles in his young life. Little did he know that some day he would be a name that is still talked about today. Abraham, Abe, Lincoln, an American icon, started out as a young boy living in Illinois, and through his many years he learned how to create a mindset to help form the American country into the way it is today.
When Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in Hodgenville, Kentucky, no one thought he would turn into the figure that he is today in the American society. In his early
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While being on the Illinois State Legislature Abraham gave a speech about opposing slavery. This was a very controversial topic at this time so it was given a lot of attention, both good and bad. Abraham Lincoln started his way up the ladder of politics by being elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. There he served a two year term before returning back to his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, to continue his legal practice. Six years before he was elected president in 1860, he came back to politics because he felt very strongly on the topic of slavery. He stayed under-the-radar during this time until he spoke the line, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”, after this moment Lincoln started gaining momentum again in the North. Abraham had a way to connect with the people of the United States, he created a mindset of the people to live by, to learn by, and to lead by. He knew the only way to unite a country that has been divided to create a sense of similarity between the North and the South. He did this by taking the largest topic of this time period, slavery, and creating a political plan to go with that idea …show more content…
and ended in his hometown of Springfield, Illinois, took place. It is said that over one third on the North’s population watched the procession pass by. Starting at the White House, there was a line of soldiers, officials, and citizens that followed the hearse that was over a mile long. The passing of this leader brought up talk about what made Lincoln such a great leader. Once a woman stated, “I think Abraham Lincoln actually realized that unless you apply those principles to everybody, it’s a false promise. He understood the need to bring other minorities in”(Goodheart).
Abraham Lincoln was able to start out his life as a small town boy that could only go to school when he wasn’t try to provide for his family. He began his political career, as many presidents do, at the state level and slowly worked his way up to the presidential tier of politics, but unlike most presidents he was about to win the election against all odds and then become the staple of American culture by aiding in the changing of the mindset of that the citizen of the U.S. were used

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