Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War Essay

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When Abraham Lincoln first gave one of the most famous speeches in all of American history, he made the first national step that would forever change the lives of Black Americans. More than a century later in todays’ time, we still remember the Emancipation Proclamation which freed all Blacks from the bonds of slavery. The misconception and error that many people are misguided to believe in present day is that the sole reason the Civil War was fought was due to slavery- more specifically, the Emancipation. Although a leading factor, after reading WHAT THEY FOUGHT FOR by James M. McPherson we come across the underlying fact that most Union soldiers who enlisted had not even the faintest thought of freeing black slaves until the middle and/or near end of the war. The Civil War from 1861-1865 had pitted and divided a nation once united into almost two different nations- the Northern Union and the Confederate south. We now dive into the union soldier, but not just one soldier; the many that persisted and fought those many years.
When it comes to the reasons why the south seceded, today many scholars have trouble pinpointing specific reasons and say the main causes was defending slavery and states right. Whichever the reason, when Lincoln was elected during the 1860s- South Carolina was the first state to secede and soon after, many southern states followed suite. As time marched forward, the North and the South eventually were established separate in territory and ideals war…

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