Essay on Abraham Lincoln And The Civil War

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Abraham Lincoln and The Civil War Abraham Lincoln was not always a winner throughout his political journey. He lost several campaigns such as,” The Illinois General assembly, a U.S congress seat, two races for the senate and one for the VP nomination.” (Fact 4 Ln:2-3) However even after multiple failed campaigns his ambition never faulted and continued to pursue an office in the U.S government. Soon he was a top speaker in the new republican party and eventually went on to become president of the United States due to the divided southern states. No southern states supported Lincoln in this election via popular vote, but the electoral college gave him the office. Simply by him being elected and taking office as a northern republican, along with other factors, set in motion a war that would be the bloodiest battle in American history and the greatest challenge any president at the time would have to face. “By the time he was inaugurated on March 4, 1861, seven states had seceded” (Fact 4 Ln:10-11) Abraham Lincoln had to overcome the civil war, the annual generals he put in place to lead then had to replace as well as the ramification it brought to him as the president. Lincoln new that every decision he made would have an effect, which is why he made sure to use his educated mind to learn everything he could of military strategy. He made sure to include himself in the war as much as possible and used his authority as commander in chief to issue orders and receive reports on…

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