Abraham and Sarah Essay

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Abraham and Sarah The story of Abraham and Sarah is an important one, especially because Abraham is the father (and Sarah the mother) of the Israelite nation. When looked at from a broad point of view, this story of an ancient family and their relationship with God becomes a parable which teaches others to put their trust in God and provides examples of how to live a righteous life in the eyes of this God. When looked at from a narrower point of view, one can examine the motivations and personalities of the individuals this story focuses on. Abraham is born blessed because he is the ancestor of Shem and Sarah shares in this blessing because she is his wife. However, Abraham receives an even greater blessing from God, after the death of …show more content…
Through this further examination, it becomes evident why these less proud moments of Abraham’s life are included in his story, because of the way in which these choices help to humanize him and further explain his character. Though Sarah is developed much less than her husband, she is still a pivotal character in both this biblical story and the biblical history of the Israelite nation. Sarah is presented as a strong woman, she shows faith in God and devotion to her duties as a wife and it is through her struggle with motherhood that her character is most developed. Though Sarah is not born blessed, she comes to share in Abraham’s blessing by God for themselves and their descendants, however, the events of Sarah’s life presented in the Bible make her life seem like much more of a struggle than Abraham’s. Twice she risks her well being for the sake of her husband’s fears, even though she is pregnant the second time and it is very possible that first time she did not get away without a sexual encounter with the Pharaoh. Her feelings on theses events are not presented, though one can only imagine her own fears in being given, so willingly, as an object for other men. It is important to remember that the connotations of Sarah’s treatment were not what they are today, but it seems that Sarah’s protection from God was not as whole as Abraham’s. The major issue in the

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