About Google Essay

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Even Semester 2009/2010 | Erlina Juliani Kalangi | Ida Ayu Kartika |

international management | “The nonmarket environment and Issues in the google inc.” |


Daftar Isi 02 Executive Summary 04 History of Google 04 Google Timeline 05 The vision, Mission and Focus of Google 19 Google Management 19 Uses of Google 28 Market Share 29 Usage Application of Google 29 Share of Advertiser 30 Google For Education 30 Google and User 31 The Google Culture 31 About Google Office 32 Google Workspace 32 Top 10 Reasons to Work at Google 33 SWOT Analysis 33 * Strengths 33 * Weaknesses 34 * Opportunities 35 * Threats 35 * Recommendations 36 Google Product
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* The company’s products also comprise Google Docs, Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Groups, Google Reader, orkut, Blogger, Google Sites, and YouTube. In addition, it offers Google Toolbar, Google Chrome, Google Chrome OS, Google Pack, Picasa, and Google Desktop; and Google GEO product line comprising Google Local Search, Google Maps, Panoramio, Google Earth, Google SketchUp, Google 3D Warehouse, and Google Building Maker. * Further, the company provides Android, a mobile software platform; Google Mobile, which are mobile-specific features; Google Checkout, an online shopping service; and Google Labs, a test bed for engineers and users. Additionally, it offers Google AdWords, an auction-based advertising program; Google AdSense program for content owners; and Display advertising for advertising services. * The company also offers Google Enterprise product line comprising Google Apps that provides hosted communication and collaboration tools; Google Search Appliance; Google Site Search; Google Commerce Search; Google Maps API Premier for interactive Google maps; and Google Earth

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