Essay on Abortions, Abortion, And Abortion

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Unsafe Abortions

Abortion is one of the most common procedures performed each year. There are several types of abortions, such as: complete abortions, incomplete abortions, inevitable abortions, threatened abortions, missed abortions, and septic abortions.
Complete abortions have no products of conception, and you must have a follow up in office. Bleeding will occur, but it is not fatal, therefore you can go home the same day. Incomplete abortions has some products of conception, and dilation, and curettage (D&C)/medical. Inevitable abortions has products of conceptions intact, but intrauterine bleeding present and dilation of cervix; D&C/medical. Threatened abortions has products of conception intact, intrauterine bleeding, no dilation of cervix. You will need bed rest, and pelvic rest. Miss abortions is the death of a fetus, but all products of conception present in the uterus; D&C/medical. Septic abortions is the infection of uterus, and surround areas; D&C and IV antibiotics (levofloxacin & metronidazole).
There is an elective surgical termination, and medical termination. Surgical termination is the development of accurate over-the-counter pregnancy tests allows for the diagnosis of pregnancy 1-2 weeks after conception. Terminations performed in this early time frame have been termed menstrual extractions, prior to the availability of accurate pregnancy tests, providers made the circumstantial diagnosis based on clinical history and performed extremely early…

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