Abortion Essay

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In 2011, over 1.2 million babies were aborted in the United States alone. Many people protest abortion year-round claiming that abortion is murder and unconstitutional. Then there are some who believe people should have a choice whether they want to keep their child or not due to the fact many people cannot afford a child, have responsibilities in which a baby will interfere with, or even as harsh as being raped and becoming pregnant. So the question being asked around the world by many people is “Should abortion be illegal?” One of the most controversial issues debated between lawmakers and legislatures has been abortion. Disputes concerning the legalization of abortions first started back in the early 1820s. In 1965, abortion was made …show more content…
The Supreme Court also stated that a fetus is not considered a human being unless it can survive outside of its mother’s womb on its own. Supporters of Pro-Life often state that the aborting should be considered murder. Pro-Choice supporters see abortion as an option for women. Some women could be raped or victims of incest. These types of situations cause women to not want the child and usually constantly remind them of horrible past events. Though abortion is beneficial to those who don’t not want children, those people do not realize how dangerous the abortion process is. It affects psychological aspects of a person and increases your chance for negative side-effects. Most women aren’t informed about the major side-effects of abortion either. Abortions are mainly done with the “suction” method. This method requires the use of a tube with a knife-like tip that is inserted into the uterus. The tube usually has the same amount of suction power as a home vacuum cleaner. The suction tears the fetus apart and the pieces of the baby go into the tube. In the salt poisoning process, the doctor inserts a strong salt solution inside of the woman in which the baby is drowned in and then baby falls out of the woman one to two days later, usually as the woman urinating. With abortion being legal, it not only affects the women who have aborted but it affects everyone. Before abortion was made legal, people supported that through the

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