Essay about Abortion, The Pro Choice Side Is Truly By Anti Choice

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A twelve year old girl is raped by her father, becomes pregnant, and due to her age if she gives birth she will die. Obviously, this child should not be forced to carry a fetus. There should be a safe and legal abortion for this unfortunate girl. So why is there such a debate over abortion? Although the self-proclaimed “pro-life” side is strictly against abortion, the pro-choice side is not for abortion. The real argument is not focused on abortion but on the right to choose what to do with one’s body. The “pro-life” side is truly “anti-choice.” Access to abortion is a basic human right, it saves lives, and it is guaranteed, therefore it should be protected and expanded.
The defining beliefs for those who are pro-choice are, “that women should be able to control their own bodies and reproductive decisions. These abortion rights proponents believe that abortion is about reproductive choice and a constitutional right to privacy,” (Alters). Notice that being pro-choice is about the right to choose which may include abortion. However, the “pro-life” side, “believe[s] that fetuses have a right to life and that no one should have the legal right to destroy a life after it is conceived,” (Alters). On one side, there is the demand of free autonomous control of bodies. The other is the anti-woman side, so hard pressed at demanding the birth of all fetuses that they do not care about the torture the woman, who is forced to carry the life-sucking fetus, experiences. Reproductive…

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