Abortion : The End Of The Beginning Essay

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Abortion: The End of the Beginning
A woman slowly and hesitantly picks up the pregnancy test. She is pregnant! This woman, Jane, is only in the very early weeks of her pregnancy, but feels very excited and quickly begins preparing for her future baby. Jane feels some doubt and fear (what if he doesn’t want a child?), but ignores it. Instead, she elatedly calls her boyfriend on the phone and explains to him that he’s going to be a father. They get married before the birth of their child. Months pass and she finally has her precious baby boy in her loving arms. Jane’s baby grows into a tiny, little toddler who takes his first steps on his first birthday. He grows into a child, who makes friends with all of the children in his neighbor. Every other day, Jane has to practically drag him inside from playing tag with his friends. He continues to grow into a sullen teenager, hell-bent on being alone and hiding in his room from his uncool parents. He sneaks out to parties, and he hides his poor test grades. His father yells at him. and he scurries away to his room. Jane knocks on the door, but he screams at her to “Go away!” Yet she remains undeterred, because he is her precious baby boy. He still grows even more both physically and mentally. He has graduated high school… and now college. Jane stands next to him for a picture while he grins into the camera, an arm slung around her shoulders. A year passes and his arm is slung around her shoulders again, but this time for Jane’s…

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