Essay on Abortion : The Debate Over Abortion

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What is the debate over abortion in the US? Abortion has been a topic for decades whether or not it is a solution or a problem. Abortion has been a well known process since the 1800s, yet as time progressed, the process of abortion gained much more attention and topic to discuss. Two sides of abortion have been presented where there are pros and cons to this process.
There are two types of abortion: medical abortion and surgical abortion. Medical abortion requires two pills. One of the pills is mifepristone, which causes the embryo to detach from the uterine wall. Two days later after the consumption of mifepristone, a pill called misoprostol contracts the uterus to remove the embryo from the body. Surgical abortion only takes 15 minutes for surgery and a few hours to recover. First the cervix is numbed and then a plastic tube is inserted to the uterus to suck out the placenta and fetus. Other examples of surgical abortion is “Dilation and Evacuation” and “Saline Abortion”, which both include the fetus to be first be killed in the womb, and then removed. “Dilation and Evacuation” is a common way of aborting the fetus, as sharp-edged instruments are used to grasp, twist, and tear the baby’s body into pieces, then pulled out of the womb. “Saline Abortion” is a longer process that takes 24 hours in which salt water is injected into the womb through the mother’s abdomen, and is swallowed by the unborn baby, poisoning and killing the unborn baby.
Throughout the years, abortion…

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