Abortion : The Death Of Murder Essay

889 Words Feb 9th, 2015 4 Pages
Imagine for a second that you wake up from a pleasant dream. That you have no worries no problems. Life as you know it is full of surprises. All you know is that you are physically very near to someone. The warmth you feel around you is comforting as you can hear a heartbeat that is always nearby. Then you sense something is wrong, there is a disturbance somewhere. You feel a suction progressively getting stronger and closer. You move to escape but the suction appears to be targeting you. The pain begins to get intense and excruciating. You want to scream, but produce no sound. The pull from the suction begins to rip off your perfect little fingers, toes, arms, legs… everything. You have become the victim of murder. One difference of your death is that no one will come looking for justice on your behalf because the government said it was legal to take your life. The government said that your mother has rights over her body, but you don’t have any rights over yours. The life of an individual does not start at birth, but at conception. Pro-choice advocates will lead you to believe that having an abortion is simply riding your body of unwanted cells. Murder should not be acceptable, no matter in whatever form it may be presented in. Women should be more responsible with their bodies and their sexual activity. There are other alternatives to killing an unborn baby. Giving up the baby for adoption will give the child an opportunity to live and…

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