Abortion, The Choice Of Abortion Essay

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Recently published in The Salt Lake Tribune, an article about the Utah legislators proposing a new telemedicine bill that also included a part that prohibited the choice of abortion for all women, “except in the case of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother would be endangered without an abortion.” (Utah H.B.0340 Telehealth Revision) Abortion is a heavily debated topic not only in Utah, but also in United States in general, because this issue tend to have an effect on a broad population. Abortion laws not only affect the mother, the children, but also the family and the society, thus this argument will eventually be significant to all, not only those involved in abortion. Also with this topic, individual moral and ethic values will need to be considered, because this issue is heavily based upon what we believe is the right thing to do.
Though there might be some questionable reasons for abortion, abortion rights should be extended to women outside of the situations stated above because many other situations could be just as devastating as those. These could include financial, family relationship, and factors such as, because prohibiting abortion isn’t always the best choice for the mother and the baby. Secondly, individual moral value and religion plays a big role in this issue, with different situation and health condition. Laws that incorporated personal religious value or are over generalizing will have more negative affect than positive. Lastly, to look at the…

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