Analysis Of Arguments Against Abortion

Abortion is worldwide that should be stopped in the United states. Abortion is murdering a human bee inside a women and it 's alive however, women don 't understand that because they think it 's an easy step in life. Women that abort suffer from it after years with emotional day and nights, others suffer from health issue so think about it before aborting. There 's many solution that can be done to stop this but the whole community has to get together and agree with legalizing abortion to stop killing babies. Babies also want to live and have a future and see the world. If the women can 't because she can 't support the baby there 's a lot of help out there. abortion should just be illegal to those women that really can 't have a child because …show more content…
Yes it is true that it 's their own body and they can do what they want but how the article “How To Argue Pro­choice Arguments Against abortion” states “if a woman is willing to have sex, she 's knowingly taking the risk of getting pregnant” ( How
To Argue Pro Against abortion). Woman already know how babies are made so every woman she know they 're taking a risk so why not us pregnancy control pills or other protection to not prevent pregnancy. Woman’s should be able to abort only on bad circumstance like rape, health issue and a really young age that can 't have the child for the reason they still in school and are not ready for all that responsibility. There 's so many ways where you can spread the word to stop abortion and so many solutions however, the people the community need to know and understand what the word is about, abortion. There could be also some funding for those women that can not support the child that is coming on board so those funding’s will help those women in need. Pregnant girls that are trying to abort their child or those woman that can 't
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This is possible because there 's so many protections and choices you can use to avoid getting pregnant. It 's their fault if they get pregnant with so many protections out there and not the baby 's fault so it can be killed. This can solve the problem by parent wanting a kid can be so happy and stopping abortion. Reasons the solution is the best because the baby has the chance to live with a couple that wants him/her and will get everything the baby needs in life instead of being killed.
Abortion has so many solution as said in the paragraphs, so why not try them and spread it around the community to stop abortion. It 's being spread worldwide and more women are getting pregnant in today 's society. More pregnancies equal more abortion so lets spread the word to stop abortion and get together with the community to begin the solution that were said; fundings, help women out to help them keep the baby because there 's no other ways. Doing this solutions can help so many baby lives

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