Abortion Solution

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Abortion is worldwide that should be stopped in the United states. Abortion is murdering a human bee inside a women and it 's alive however, women don 't understand that because they think it 's an easy step in life. Women that abort suffer from it after years with emotional day and nights, others suffer from health issue so think about it before aborting. There 's many solution that can be done to stop this but the whole community has to get together and agree with legalizing abortion to stop killing babies. Babies also want to live and have a future and see the world. If the women can 't because she can 't support the baby there 's a lot of help out there. abortion should just be illegal to those women that really can 't have a child because their health or they were raped. The …show more content…
Paying women to keep their baby for then put it in adoption or helping them out with their babies because they can 't afford much for the baby can help babies and stop abortion. With all the funds people give away for those women. Can help them out with so much and can also open their eyes and realize it 's their blood baby and keep it. The outcome to this solution is to persuade the women to not abort the bay they can get so many help around them, they just need to speak with doctors or people that can help them. This solution is the best because it saves babies lives and if women don 't want the child for the reason that their body would get ruin, they can also do funds for that and help them with operations if they want. This solution is also a great solution because help women 's health and as well as the baby. The solution that they have try to do previously is to create new birth control methods. They did not work on stopping abortion because they know it 's impossible to illegal abortion for this reason is that

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