Abortion Should Remain Legal? Essay

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Two women, one 17, the other 38, both sit in an abortion clinic. The 17-year-old, alone. The 38-year-old, with her husband. Both have different reasons for being there. Both women are going through the same procedure, and why not? Why even question not letting them? Abortion should remain legal because it can save lives, it stops unwanted babies from being born, and it is a woman 's right.

Abortion, “By definition, an abortion ends a pregnancy before the time of birth”(Durrett 18). That is all it is, ending a pregnancy before a child comes into the world. “But for all the regulations and protests, despite ‘safe, legal, and rare’ and ‘abortion is murder’, abortion is part of our everyday experience” (Winter 1). Winter suggests that abortion is going to happen no matter what anyone wants to happen. Abortion in the first trimester - about the first three months- “The most common method of ending a pregnancy in the first trimester is suction aspiration. A local anesthetic is usually used to numb the cervix… The opening in the cervix is then enlarged… allows the insertion of a tube attached to a suction machine. The suction pulls the contents of the uterus through the tube and into a collection bottle. The pregnancy ends” (Durrett 23). Abortion is most common in the first trimester, considering that the first three months of a pregnancy are usually where women would learn that she was pregnant, and make a decision. If her decision were to carry over into the second trimester…

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