Essay on Abortion Should Not Be Legal

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Abortion is the removal of an embryo or fetus from the uterus in order to end the pregnancy. In terms of biology, abortion is the arrested development an embryo or an organ at a less early stage. Abortion is the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. "In the population of the United States, there are four abortions out of every ten unintended pregnancies and about 1.21 million abortions a year" (incidence).Abortions need to stop; there are many ways to prevent a pregnancy, so abortion does not need to be an option. An unborn child ought to be protected and have the right to continue developing. There are many contraceptives and several families that would love to adopt. Abortion is also very dangerous to both, the mother and unborn child. The fetus did not choose to come into this world, but it should be able to choose to stay. Abortion must not be legal for an individual who becomes pregnant as a result of engaging in consensual sex.

Abortion is avoidable! The use of contraceptives helps prevent the risk of an unwanted pregnancy; therefore, many women are not faced with the decision to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. There are many methods of protection available for sexually active young adults that plan against pregnancy. Some of the most common contraceptive methods of today are: birth control, condoms, and the morning-after pill. With the improvement of modern technology, new methods form to increase the effectiveness to prevent pregnancy. According to the National…

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