Abortion Should Not Be Illegal Essay

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Since 1973, 57 million babies have been aborted in the United States. Most women who do not want a baby usually have abortions. Abortion is a process for terminating a pregnancy. Depending on the baby 's size, abortions can be done by taking methotrexate medications, or surgically. Everyone has the right to live. No individual has the right to make this decision for someone else. This one decision affects a woman for the rest of her life. Once it is done there is no more going back. An abortion is not an easy decision to make. For some women abortions have ruined their lives both physically and mentally. Most mothers face many complications after abortions. It is not a safe process. Abortion should be illegal in the United States.
Many women who obtain induced abortions are more likely to develop diseases. “Germs may enter the uterus by the instruments used by doctors, causing pelvic inflammatory infection”(Prokerala). Pelvic inflammatory disease is an infection that affects a woman 's reproductive organs. Treatment is available, however, the treatment will not fix any damages done to internal organs by this infection. If the infection is left untreated, it will lead to relentless problems like chronic pelvic pain or even death. According to UPMC Medical Research, one million women are diagnosed with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease every year, and from those about 350,000 are hospitalized and more than 100 die. According to Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, women who had…

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