Abortion Should Be Seen As Murder Essay

1887 Words Oct 2nd, 2015 8 Pages
In a book about opposing viewpoints about abortion, Carolyn C. Gargaro states that, “Now, I cannot think of any doctor that would kill a newborn baby the moment that it was born. My question is, now, can that baby be killed a minute before it is born, or a minute before that, or a minute before that? You see what I’m getting at. At what minute can one consider life to be worthless and at the next minute that life to be precious?” (Williams 38). Clearly, there is not a single minute that one can consider life to be worthless. Every minute after conception, a baby is forming because that baby is alive, and every life is precious. Abortion is like closing a book before it is opened, before it is published, before the story is written. Abortion should be seen as murder. If murder is ending a life, then when does life actually begin? This is a debate with countless complex ansers. An article about abortion claimed that, “life begins at the moment of conception, that the smallest blastocyst has a soul, and that to willingly expel a fetus at any stage is murder” (Cokal 2). A blastocyst is a part of the anatomy in the development of a baby, and it is formed on the fifth day of fertilization. Imagine this. Every single person, whether they were born or unborn, formed from something thirty times smaller than a mustard seed. Every single blastocyst that is destroyed is one less embryo, one less baby, one less child, one less teenager, one less person to impact the world. No matter…

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