Abortion Should Be Legal For Therapeutic Purposes Essay

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The topic of abortion is very controversial in the U.S. In the U.S, people are either Pro-Choice or Pro-Life, or somewhere in between. The main issue the two sides argue about is whether or not a fetus is a person. Where we draw the line isn 't yet agreed upon. There are many different situations that abortion may or may not be appropriate. Let 's examine 6 different cases where abortion could be considered. 1. A patient in a mental hospital was raped by another patient. The victim was a single girl who suffered from extreme psychosis caused by schizophrenia. The father of the victim charged the hospital with culpable negligence and asked for an abortion to be performed. His request was denied because abortions were only legal for therapeutic purposes. (When the mother 's life is at stake.) I think the abortion should have been performed for several different reasons. First, she was not mentally healthy. She has lost touch with reality due to her illness. Her father was the most qualified to decide whether or not she gets an abortion. Secondly, due to her loss of reality, she wouldn 't have been fit to raise a child. The reasoning of the law was abortion is killing a human life. If she were to try to raise a child, it would ruin her already-ruined life, and possibly the child 's life because the mother would be in a mental hospital and the father would be in jail for rape. As for killing an "innocent human life", where does "human" and a group of cells differ? Their claim…

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