Abortion Should Be Legal Choice Essay

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In this society, there are many different controversial topics that can be discussed. One famous topic that is debated a lot is abortion. Every great argument has two sides, this one is no different. The first side I will address is the Pro-Choice side. The people on this side believe that the women should have the right to choose to abort their babies. The other side is the Pro-Life side. This is the side against abortion; they say that even in the beginning the baby has rights and abortion means murder. Either way abortion is growing, every day more women get abortions instead of facing their responsibilities. Pro-Choice is all about giving women the right to choose for themselves and not making them feel guilty for their decision. They feel like since it’s their bodies they should be able to decide. This side has some strong points on why abortion should be a legal choice for all pregnant women. One point that many use is that: the woman seeking the abortion may have been raped (“Misconceptions About Abortions”). This reason is one that is heard a lot and most can sympathize with. If a woman was tragically raped by someone and accidentally became pregnant, the child may just be a reminder of what happened to her. This can make that child unwanted, giving it a bad future life. Another point that the Pro-Choice side brings up is: the pregnancy may be life threatening and they cannot save the mother and the child (“Misconceptions About Abortions”). Pregnancies…

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