Abortion Should Be Illegal For The Reason Of Their Individual Beliefs

1520 Words Mar 21st, 2016 7 Pages
There is a controversy surrounding Planned Parenthood because people do not agree with some of their practices, and think abortion should be illegal for the reason of their individual beliefs or other reasons. There is a lot of stigma around this clinic mainly for the fact that they perform abortions on women who need or want them. Many also want them to be closed down because they think they sell fetus parts. People even often call the doctors that work there murderers, and the clinics often have people protesting in violent or nonviolent ways around their facilities. The people that work in these facilities have even been threatened and shot.
Some people think that women should get a say in what they do with their bodies and their lives, that they deserve a right to choose whether or not they get an abortion, or use any type of contraceptives, or other things that Planned Parenthood provides. The other side to this argument usually comes from religious groups, or extremist churches who say they think abortion should be illegal, or they just down right think Planned Parenthood should be closed down. They also often say abortion is murder and that their religious beliefs go against it, even though one religion shouldn’t dictate everyone. The issue at hand is whether it should be shut down or funded. Pro-lifers are fighting to get Planned Parenthoods around the country shut down because of a video showing doctors at the facility talking about selling aborted baby parts to…

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