Abortion Should Be Evaluated By Consequentialism And Deontology

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Abortion should be evaluated by Consequentialism and Deontology. Since abortion is a life and death situation it’s important to look at the consequences as well as the right and duties of those involved.
For instance, abortion has been used to end unwanted and unexpected pregnancy’s that involve teenagers and women who have had sex with a man. The problem is not that they have had sex, but that they made the decision to have sex knowing the possibly consequences. Then she tries to terminating a fetus because they do not want to take responsibility for those consequences. If you can make an adult decision to sleep with someone then you should be responsible for the consequences whatever they may be. The consequence of having an abortion is not holding the two involved in making the fetus responsible. We simply just end the life of a developing baby and wipe their consequences away. The possible baby suffers because of the mother’s decision. The baby did not choose to be made the choice was done by the mother and father of the baby. However, the baby’s chance at life is terminated. Many will argue that the women has the right to her body, however, she fully understands how babies are made and the chances of pregnancy before having sex. So she gave up her body when she had sex despite the consequences. We are punishing the baby and ending his or her life that they did not even get to fight for. This also includes the fact that she maybe killing more than one life if there…

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