Abortion Should Be A Woman Right Essay

1245 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 5 Pages
First Draft Final Paper
Jonathan Santiago
ITT Technical Institute

Introduction Abortion is a topic that creates an argument in different aspects and everyone likes to be involved in it to share values and opinions. Most people when hear the word abortion the first thing that comes to their head is hate or not wanted. In this introduction I will offer information related to this topic in order to inform people. In the 1973 abortion was prohibited during the first three months in all states by the Supreme Court. The decision of a woman to terminate their pregnancy is inside the right of privacy which gives the right to terminate their pregnancy during the first three months. There are some serious consequences when an abortion is performed which are needed to have in mind. There are cases where the abortion is an option if the fetus is coming with a delicate disease or put the mother in imminent danger that it is either provoke by the mother or a genetic disorder. Abortion should be a woman right due to the fact that some woman’s are victims of rape. There are sexual transmitted diseases that can put the life of the fetus in high risk or be fatal to the fetus.

The rape and incest is very common in our society due to the fact that some of them are being raped by a close persons or family members. Most of the woman’s in the United States are more likely to be victims of rape between the late teens and mid twenty’s. Persons with disabilities are also in…

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