Abortion : Should Abortion Remain A Legal Option For Women? Essay examples

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Research Outline
Issue: Abortion – Should abortion remain a legal option for women?
Audience: Pro-choice – those who believe that abortion should be legal
Thesis: **** working on this ****
Underlying warrant: It is a woman’s choice; not anyone else’s.
Opposing Arguments: go through what the opposition’s major arguments are.
• Fetuses are humans; women have no right to decide what happens to their bodies when another human life is to be considered; the government can dictate what happens to a women’s body when another human being is involved; less woman die from abortions then babies killed;
Introduction: Introduce the issue and define key words.
• History of what abortion is and how it all started
• Origin of abortion practices
• Origin of Planned Parenthood
• Margaret Sanger and other big names in the debate
• Court battles dealing with abortion
I. Claim: The decision to have an abortion is a fundamental and Constitutional right
i. Females have the right to decide what happens to their bodies. ii. The government doesn’t have the right to dictate what happens to a woman’s body. iii. Abortion is about morality and should not be legislated by the government. iv. History shows that laws made against abortion have little to no effect on the number of abortions, however have made abortions unsafe.
v. Abortion is good for women’s health. vi. Women will die in large numbers if the option is not available

b. Claim: Individual Freedom.
1. It isn 't up to the government…

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