Abortion Rights Claim And Countermobilization : Assessing The Potentially Counterproductive Effects Of Roe V. Wade

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GWST 300 Annotated Bibliography October 11, 2016

Lemieux, Scott E. "Abortion Rights Claiming and Countermobilization: Assessing the Potentially Counterproductive Effects of Roe v. Wade." Conference Papers -- American Political Science Association (August 28, 2002): 1-42. Academic Search Complete, EBSCOhost (accessed October 10, 2016).

In Dr. Lemieux’s argument at the Annual meeting the American Political Science Association, he aims to prove to other legal scholars and students of law that the litigation that occurred because of the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade does not imply that it increased the levels of disagreement on the topic of Pro-Choice and Pro-Life. Dr. Lemieux, as a professor at the University of Washington College in Political Sciences, used his knowledge of the law to analyze the historical and social affects that have been caused by different cases such as Roe v. Wade. He provides supports for his hypothesis on the topic through a legalistic and socialistic stand point by citing legal reviews, other political science based authors, and feminist authors. Dr. Lemieux analyzes counter arguments and thoroughly disproves them using evidence from feminist driven research. He asks if the occurrence of Roe v. Wade caused a strong social reaction after the case was taken to court and the precedent was set. Dr. Lemieux theorizes that Roe v. Wade caused only small counter mobilization effects, but rather he argues that is many have strengthened the local…

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