Abortion : Prolife Or Prochoice? Essay

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Abortion: Prolife or Prochoice?
Abortion in today’s society has become a very controversial topic. By definition abortion means the termination of an unwanted pregnancy. Although the practice of abortion has been legal in the United States since 1973 there have been major issues with the procedure for many years. In “Abortion” the author of the article states that “Although the procedure has been legal in the country since 1973, the abortion rights battle rages on with supporters and opponents struggling to gain ground in public opinion, legislatures, and the courts. Behind the battles are divergent views on when human life begins, the rights a woman has over her own body, and government interference in the private lives of individuals, as well as conflicts between state and federal legislation.” (Abortion) In recent, some people feel that it’s not about choice rather that it’s about the morality of the situation. Which leads to questions of whether it should be the women’s right to do as she pleases with her body and not let the government dictate what she does with her health and welfare.
There are those who side with the “pro-choice” and there are others who side with “pro-life”. Either way, each person no matter what their stand, feel strongly about the topic and will stand for what they believe is right. Arguments that support abortion include such topics as the right for a woman to have an abortion and the fact that a fetus is not a live human being. Those who oppose…

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