Abortion : Pro Life Essay

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Abortion: Pro-Life Essay
In this essay I will be arguing the issues of abortion, it has been argued and debated several times. Is abortion right? Does the mother have the right to chose whether or not she wants to kill the fetus, or keep it? Does the fetus have the right to life, since it’s a person? In my opinion abortion is unethical and immoral. Imagine not having a say in whether or not you want a life. Fetuses don’t have that say in their mother’s wombs, if a mother decides to get an abortion, the baby can’t do anything about the situation. Their life is taken away from them. This is why I am arguing against abortion.

In Warren’s argument she states that there are five specific traits that are “most central to personhood. To be considered a person you must satisfy majority of these traits. After analyzing this, I saw that if one doesn’t know how many traits they would necessarily need to have to be considered a person, how would you know that a person has to satisfy any of them at all? Who say’s that someone who doesn’t have any of these traits couldn’t be considered a person? Also, if not all 5 of them need to true, then that means someone that doesn’t satisfy any of these traits can be considered a person. By analyzing her traits statement, I can see that there is a hole in her argument. Newborns / infants and some disabled people are lacking most of these. If a person does not satisfy most of these they do not have the right to life. If what Warren said is true,…

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