Abortion : Pro Life And Pro Choice Essay

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Abortion is essentially defined as the termination of pregnancy. This topic is very controversial as many women argue that it is their fundamental right to make decisions about their body. This topic can be viewed through two perspectives: pro-life and pro-choice. The stance that pro- life individuals take is that abortion is illegal since the fetus and the embryo are human beings, thus, have the right to live. On the other side, pro-choice believers argue that women deserve to make the choice of whether they want to terminate pregnancy or not. Currently, there is no single strict law abided by everyone since abortion laws differ from province to province. Abortion in general has been permitted in Canada since 1988. This means that every province must make sure that the necessary medical equipment and procedures are readily available to every woman, regardless of where they are located in the country. My position on this controversial topic is that abortion should be viewed through the pro-life perspective based on various health, religious, and legal implications.
Abortion can result in many health related problems and implications. In fact, abortion has been reported to be one of the leading causes of death of women in Canada. Abortion doubles your risk of developing cervical cancer and this risk increases for women that have a history to abortions. This increased cancer rate as a result of abortion causes unnatural disruptions in a female’s hormonal levels. Studies…

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