Essay about Abortion, Murder, And The Rights Of An Individual

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It might as well be noticed that utilitarianism totally evades a problem that has snowed under numerous challenges to justify abortion from a more conservative moral outline. When is it occasionally allowable to kill? What 's the difference between a serial killer who murders their victims for pleasure or financial gain or homosexual? Where 's the separating line between this and murdering a fetus or an adult? We can apply consequentialism all over the place because all decisions have computable consequences. Let 's not forget about homosexuals. Deontology call for a rule to oversee a decision and all decisions don 't have a rule or duty associated with them. Virtue ethics observes a choice in the setting of one 's personality, although there is some debate as to what dispositions are virtues. I will be discussing how these ethics agree and disagree with abortions, murder, and the rights of an individual. (Kant) The first of this interpretation is to act so that your maxim (a rule of conduct) is universal law. The second reason is to treat others as ends, not as mere means. And the third interpretation is always to live in the realm of ends, where one can imagine their selves as the legislator and the foundation of moral law. First of all, God didn 't intend to make homosexuals a part of the plan and if he did why did he create Adam and Eve instead of Adam and Arnold or Eve and Evelyn. (Christian New Bulletin) Homosexual isn 't accepted as normal part of life and is not…

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