Abortion : Medical Abortion And Surgical Abortion Essay

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bortion has been debated before the Roe v. Wade ruling; it has been a debate throughout history. Abortion is “...a procedure performed to end a pregnancy before birth occurs.” The procedure is dependant on the women’s “...choice, health, and how long she has been pregnant… [and] the legality of the procedure.” There are two methods of abortion performed: medical abortion and surgical abortion. A medical abortion is a procedure where drugs such as mifepristone and misoprostol are used in order to end a pregnancy. This type of procedure can be performed in the first or second trimester. A surgical abortion is a procedure where surgery is used to extract the contents of the uterus; surgical abortions include the following: suction curettage, dilation and evacuation, induction, and intact dilation and extraction. Depending on the type of surgical abortion, they can be performed from the first trimester to the third trimester. Suction curettage and dilation and evacuation are categorized as curettage abortions. Curettage abortions are performed similarly because they both open the cervix and extract the contents of the uterus; the difference is some of the instruments used and when trimester the abortion is performed. Induction abortion is a procedure where drugs may be used or “...salt water or urea may be injected to the amniotic sac…” or fluid inside the amniotic sac is removed in order to start contractions so the fetus is removed. This type of abortion is usually performed…

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