Abortion : Killing A Defenseless Unborn Baby Essay

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Though astounding controversy surrounds the topic of abortion, significant evidence reveals abortion to be murder. The mission of an abortion procedure is to kill a defenseless unborn baby, though the physicians who perform these procedures and the activists for the cause do not identify the collection of cells to be a human life; in contrast to this belief, abortion is undeniably fatal to a child. What many fail to consider is the manner in which our society views life. “As early as 21 days after conception, the baby 's heart has begun to beat his or her own unique blood-type, often different than the mother 's.” (Moore & Persaud) The question is simple: If the human race considers a life ended when the heart halts its function, in similar comparison, a life should be considered to start when the heart instigates function; furthermore, consciously making the decision to cease another human’s heartbeat is seen as murder. Abortion is murder, and that is clearly a viable concern. By either utilizing emergency contraception or by offering the child for adoption subsequent to birth, there is no reason to end a life that has barely begun.
Initially, to avoid thieving the rhythm from a child’s chest, a woman should take an extra precaution consisting of emergency contraception following a questionable occurrence of sexual interaction. It is understandable that, in many cases, birth control is flawed; for instance, condoms are not created from the most reliable materials, and…

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