Abortion Is Wrong Essay examples

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Babies Lives Matter
Kristen Trussell
Medtech College
Instructor Bouzouma
25 January 2016

Abortion has become a highly discussed topic in our country from people believing its right and others believing its wrong. Annually, an estimated 43.8 million babies die from abortion worldwide (World Health Organization/Guttmacher Institute, published 2012). That is approximately one baby being aborted every two seconds
In many states, abortion has been banned after 16 weeks of pregnancy and many doctors will not perform an abortion unless of a medical reason. Some small clinics such as Planned Parenthood will perform these abortions. When going to these clinics there are pro-life and pro-choice groups usually standing out front with
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Another reason women abort is because they see it as birth control. Based on family situations such as religion, or just situations in general such as rape, genetic disease like down syndrome, women often get scared and find this as a way out of it. Even though they don’t want to they feel as if they can’t take care of that child vs. someone who just wants to continue to live their lifestyle without consequences such as women who party and do drugs and ends up pregnant from not using protection.
I believe that abortion clinics should be closed and abortions should be available to women only from their physician in case of life-threating emergency. If it is not a life-threating emergency, she should have to carry the baby to term and then give it up for adoption. Giving the unborn baby a chance at life.
A third reason is because it could threaten the woman’s health. Some women were undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate complications, which one-fifth were considered major. If women have too many abortions, it can cause infertility, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, or birth defects for future pregnancies.
Abortion matters because babies matter. Babies are innocent and deserve every right at life as the next person. They are the future doctors, lawyers, and presidents. That one child that had their life taken could have been the one to cure cancer. Abortion needs to stop and women

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