Abortion Is Wrong Or Justified? Essay

1002 Words Jul 30th, 2015 null Page
Abortion is commonly featured in the media, however they package abortion in such a way that they specifically avoid taking a direct stance on whether abortion is wrong or justified, meaning they shy away from being Pro-life or Pro-choice. However, indirectly condensing symbols are often used. For example, using terms such as anti-life rather than Pro-choice or anti-choice rather than Pro-life to describe different stances on abortion have a negative connotation and subliminally reveals the media host’s opinion on the matter. Another example includes when speaking about abortion using the term baby or infant versus using the term fetus. The word fetus is often used to dehumanize the child growing inside the mother, causing the viewer to possibly rationalize abortion without highlighting that the baby being killed is a person. This is likely partly due to the complexity of the decision making process behind abortion of the individual versus society as a whole. As a result, abortion as a social problem becomes a particularly divisive valence issue. Conversations about abortion are prevalent on social media as well. For example on twitter and facebook, there are many hashtags that support the pro-life movement like “#prolife” and “#praytoendabortion”(Harris). These hashtags provide quick and mainly biased information to persuade viewers to join the pro-life movement on it’s war against abortion. Also, often overlooked by the general public, a lot of false…

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