Abortion Is Wrong And Negative For Society As A Whole Essay

1520 Words May 1st, 2016 7 Pages
Abortions are usually performed for birth control, but are by no means a contraceptive. Abortion means the murder, ending the life of a developing human being in the womb using medical techniques. According to the Contracept website, of women having abortions, 46% didn’t use contraception the month they became pregnant. Eight percent of women never used a method of birth control. Forty percent of women had at least one previous abortion. This means that women are using abortion as an end of life contraceptive. Instead of taking a daily pill or having a bimonthly shot, women are choosing to use no preventative contraceptive. When they become pregnant, these same individuals are choosing to have abortions, sometimes more than one in their lifetime, to end unplanned pregnancies. The purpose of this assignment is to review the reasons that using abortion as family planning is wrong and negative for society as a whole. Throughout this paper I will be discussing abortion as birth control, discussing the ethical issues that come with abortion, and reviewing a hypothetical situation using moral principles and ethical principles. I believe strongly that abortion should not be used as a form of birth control. Another purpose of this assignment is to explore alternatives for birth control other than having multiple abortions. My personal stance is that abortion is morally wrong and should not be used a as an alternative to regular birth control such as condoms and the birth control…

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