Abortion Is The Solution For An Unwanted Pregnancy Essay

1021 Words Nov 12th, 2015 null Page
Abortion In our society we have become stupendously crazed with rights, as well as being politically correct. Whether talking about domestic pets or wild animals, there will be a tremendous out cry if they are hurt or treated badly. Even with all of this the unborn child is not protected. Instead of looking at abortion as the solution for an unwanted pregnancy, I believe a person should be looking for the solution to abortion. In the modern world we live in today, there are many different kinds of contraception’s for women to choose from. The only one hundred percent effective birth control is abstinence, however many come very close. For instance there are implants, pills, shots, and even more options for a woman to choose from. I believe that starting from a young age, children should be taught all of the available options as well as what to do if they do happen to become pregnant when they are not ready for a child. A better alternative to abortion would be adoption. A person that is going to a clinic, either for information or to have an abortion they should be given all of the options prior to having the procedure done. Open adoptions are such a great alternative to closed adoptions especially for a mother that believes having a child is not an option for her at the time, but still wants to be able to watch their child grow up. There are internet services as well as social workers that can help birth mothers meet and make sure they feel comfortable with adoptive…

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