Abortion Is The Failure Of A Fertilized Egg Essay

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Abortion is the failure of a fertilized egg to reach maturity. Failure to reach full maturity can be the results of spontaneous, accidental miscarriage or the intentional termination of a fertilized egg. However, the word abortion is usually associated with the intentional termination of a fertilized egg. There are three major types of abortion, which include therapeutic abortion, late-term abortion and elective abortion.
Therapeutic abortions are performed in the second trimester to preserve the health or life of the pregnant woman. It is also performed when the fetus is determined to be nonviable or have significant defects. The Late-Term Abortion or the “partial-birth abortion” is the removal of the fetus, usually between the twentieth and twenty-seventh week of gestation. Elective Termination is performed at the request of the pregnant woman for reason unrelated to health or safety.
Abortions can be performed either surgically or with abortion pills. Medical abortion or the abortion pill causes the protraction of the uterus and the expulsion of the uterine content (Wellisch, 2015). The FDA approved pill for abortion is mifepristone, which involves a woman taking 600mg of mifepristone orally and returned in 48 hours to receive the remaining 400mcg (Wellisch, 2015). Mifepristone is approved for women up to seven weeks gestation and is approximately 92% efficient (Wellisch, 2015). However, the FDA made a few modifications which require a pregnant woman to take 200mg…

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