Abortion Is Not An Easy Choice Essay examples

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In 2013 there were approximately 800 women who died due to pregnancy related complications in the USA1. Could some of these deaths been prevented? The answer is simply yes, if some of these pregnancies had been terminated by an abortion those mothers could have lived to fight for this cause today. Abortion is not an easy choice, but it is a choice, something everyone should be entitled to make. Pro-choice means women in extreme poverty don’t have to raise a child in impossible circumstances; pro-choice means women can protect themselves from conditions that could kill them, the fetus, or both; finally pro-choice means a woman can escape the physical proof of a rape and help to heal their mental health. Pro-choice is more than removing a few cells it is allowing women the choice to live.

Unintended pregnancies cause enough issues for the stereotypical white picket fence family, imagine the catastrophic effects it can have on women living below the poverty line. In 2008 42% of women who had abortions lived below the federal poverty line2. This means they could barely afford to feed themselves, let alone a child. If a mother cannot afford housing and food for herself how could one expect her to raise a child in a healthy environment? If a child in the situation was raised they would put at a much higher risk of disease and birth defects, since they wouldn’t have access to proper nutrition and shelter. Pro-Life supporters argue that life is sacred and should not be killed, but…

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