Abortion Is Not A Minor Decision Essay

1652 Words Nov 19th, 2015 7 Pages
Abortion is not a minor decision, it is a life changing decision. Sadly, the life that it most affects does not get a say of whether or not they would like to partake in the act. Abortion has been used for more years than one could count, and the practice can be dated back to the beginning of time. Abortions are used as an escape from pregnancy, whether the goal is to hide the fact that one was pregnant, or to get out of the parenting responsibility. Abortions can be dangerous to the mother, and it is harmful to the child who is taken from his/her life. The decision of abortion is not one that can easily be made, and one can be quick to change their mind, but by that time it is too late to go back. Abortion should be outlawed because every person has their right to choose to live, there are numerous contraceptives available, and several laws defend unborn children from being harmed. Although a fetus is unborn at the time, it does not mean that they should not considered people. Unborn children deserve to have their rights along with every other citizen. Fetuses are living and breathing beings. They can move, eat, feel, breathe, and all other things that humans can do, so they deserve to have the correct title of human being. As citizens, everybody has their rights whether or not the person is born, and these rights they are entitled to. It is wrong to deprive a child of their right to live when they did not choose to die. One prime example from Fisher 's book, "Abortion:…

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