Abortion Is Morally Or Immoral? Essay

1872 Words Nov 20th, 2016 8 Pages
In discussion of abortion, a controversial issue has been whether abortion is moral or immoral. This issue is important because it affects thousands of people a year. On one hand, abortion is considered immoral because it can be seen as murder. On the other hand, others argue it is not murder and it is no one’s business, but the mother’s. In this paper, I will argue that abortion is morally justified and is in no way murder.
I will begin by introducing three accounts of abortion. One view is that abortion is the same as killing a human. The second view is that abortion may or may not be wrong, but abortion is not against moral codes if the fetus is not human. The last view is that abortion is moral at anytime during a pregnancy. Then, I will argue that abortion is morally fine as long as the fetus is not human on the grounds that a woman has the self-knowledge to know whether or not she can mentally handle having a child at all. Finally, I will respond to the objection that abortion is wrong.
Those who think that abortion is similar to killing a human defend their view with the argument that both a fetus and an adult human both have futures and values. Don Marquis, who is the founder of this view, believes that aborting a fetus prevents a fetus from experiencing the things that the world can offer. This is called the discontinuance account. Another belief is that the prevention of a child with contraception is wrong (Marquis). However, an argument against that is that…

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